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automationInsights provides automation and information technology research and consulting services to energy and utility centric enterprises. For over 25 years, leading companies across North America have turned to us for timely, accurate and informative insights into the various market, business, technology and financial dimensions of automation and information technology for the energy and utility industry.

Until now, the primary beneficiaries of the knowledge and information accumulated through our wide range of research programs and consulting activities has been concentrated primarily among these larger organizations that despite having substantial internal resources of their own, have reached out to us for guidance. But today, we are facing the daunting challenges of an Aging Workforce, Declining Infrastructure and the worst recession in recent history. And as enterprises of all types, sizes and locations are struggling to adjust, we stand ready to extend vital insights and corresponding skill sets to those who might not otherwise have easy and affordable access to current and affordable advisory services.

We are prepared to make meaningful -- and measurable -- progress toward overcoming these and other challenges, which we believe can (and will) be accomplished extensively through the application of innovative automation and IT solutions. (A brief list of specific programs that can help your enterprise achieve its automation/IT objectives more quickly and with greater confidence is provided on the Services page.)